Love and Memories: O.A.R. Rocks the Oval

This past Thursday, Ohio State kicked off their ambitious capitol campaign to raise over 2.5 billion dollars for the university. To kick off this event in style, Ohio State collaborated with the Ohio Union Activities Board to create an event of a lifetime. At one of the most sacred places on campus, the Oval, O.A.R. performed a free concert. The band formed here while the members were undergraduate students, and the rest is history. And they made more on Thursday night with a spectacular show to kick off the “But for Ohio State” campaign.

The band was escorted from the dinner gala to the Oval by the OSU Marching Band led by President Gee. After taking the stage, OAR along with TBDITL played a few classic Ohio State songs including Hang On Sloopy, before performing an entire set list of their classic hits.

As a volunteer at the event with OUAB, I assisted in pre-show and post-show backstage responsibilities, helping out at the merchandise table and roaming the crowd during the event. Throughout the show, the screens posted tweets from the crowd who were using #buckeyesforlife to talk about their experiences and connection to Ohio State. It was a great way to utilize social media at a highly populated event and generate a feeling of camaraderie among the fans.

Amidst thousands of students and donors, O.A.R. reminded us of the great community we have at Ohio State and the common experiences we have that bond us together as Buckeyes for Life, and I am so lucky that I was able to have a small part in it.


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